Real food for real people.

Whether you’re interested in eliminating processed foods from your diet or are just looking to eat a bit cleaner, we’re here to serve you and your family real food that tastes great.

people building a protein bowl

Feature EATERY

Dine In or Take Out

Mon Sat  11am – 8pm
Sun  closed

it’s real food.

Our menu celebrates the simplicity of fresh, nourishing food. Every ingredient is seasoned and prepared as if you were in a restaurant setting but done at a fast-food pace.

Our build-a-bowl style menu features a range of entirely gluten free, soy free, whole food options and everything is cooked in 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We even make our own dairy free, nut free sauces made from those same real ingredients.

We’re here to serve you flavorful, homestyle, comfort food without the guilt. In other words… real food.